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Working through the matters of Power & Energy , Estate Infrastructure, Sports .Social welfare, Youth Affairs, Small Industries and Textiles, paying special concentration on villagers and youth, working with a good knowledge in various subject matters is very helpful for the fruitfulness of programmes. But ,getting trained labour is a difficult thing due to the transfers of the staff and new recruiting for service . identifying the goals of programmes and training the officers properly is a need to obtain effective and fruitful service and the progress expected by the provincial council in the year of 2010. Making satisfaction of officers and promoting the quality of working aould be obtained through this.

  • Increasing Considerable of the provincial industrial unit to the gross national production within the forthcoming decade.
  • Helping to promote the living condition of the people those who are engaged with small industries within the near decade.
  • Keeping informed the people those who are engaged with small industries about the services that are to be granted them by the provincial council
  • Supporting  to from up small industries those have demand in the province and to promote the development of skills.
  • Putting up job opportunities in the small industries unit.
  • Giving support of the provincial council for the production according to the demand    of the province.
  • Introducing near income sources to the unemployed youth.
  • Increasing the quantity of training centers those are under the department and giving     proper training.
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