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  • Background of the Ministry of Power & Energy

There are no electricity facilities for 26% of houses and it is impossible to Supply electricity from the national electrical complex for 7% of houses in the Uva Province. Specially, the families considered as supplying electricity is impossible, are very far from the electrical lines and the villages with less population. The ministry of power and energy of Uva expects to supply electricity to these families by constructing mini power stations, producing bio gas generators etc under alternative power & energy programme. When Supply electricity from the national electrical complex. The ministry expects to supply electricity to more families and to the families expecting to consume electricity as small groups on the 60% basis.

  • Background of the Ministry of Estate Infrastructure

 The people who live in the tea estate of upcountry earn more foreign exchange for our country. There are more than 70 tea estates in Uva province. More than 175,000 people live in these estates. It’s very clear that the estate people contribute a considerable value in the gross tea production by that we can understand their part for the development of this country. But we have to say that, they are the people who have got the less attention in Uva. When we compare these people with others, it’s clear their houses, drinking water, transport, electricity and sanitary facilities are in very poor condition.
No attention of the government or private sector paid on these people who get low income. Realizing this, the ministry of estate infrastructure has taken steps to promote the above mentioned facilities to the people who live around tea estate.
By increasing labour power, the productivity in agriculture and other fields also could be increased. So, the investment on the estate sector will be a fruitful thing in the production of Uva province.
The investment from the, Uva provincial council fund is not sufficient for the social and economical development of the estate people who are engaged with the plantation work. This is a reason for being less contribution of them in national production of Uva. Therefore, the investment on estate sector which will be able to contribute basically for the development of the province is an investment for social and economical development and its final result will influence the economical development of Uva.

  • Background of the Ministry of Sports

 Sports are very important for personality development as well as physical and intellectual development of a person. Sports can build up healthy people and we can consider it as a tool the protection of prosperity and balance in mind. Realizing this ministry of sports Uva province has made arrangement to divert sports into the village. 1305 sports clubs have been formed in the divisional secretariat level in 2009. 1020 clubs are in Badulla district and 285 clubs are in Monaragala district. The ministry attempts to build up a healthy young generation and to promote abilities and skills of the sportsmen in Uva.
We have a very few ground to practice athletics and games and to hold   sports meets. It’s very difficult to achieve quick progress in sports development of the province due to the weakness in introducing modern techniques of sports ,arterials sports training programme  financial problems of the talented youth, nil sponsorship of the private sector for sports in Uva and moving of the national level sportsmen from Uva into the other places where they can find facilities.
It is a must to develop even one ground in the Uva province up to the international level and make it with facilities to practice for the national and international players

  • Background of the Ministry of Youth Affairs

Young generation is the strong and first preferred people of a country. That is a common thing for a province too. So, the youth is to be paid more special attention. In the development of the province, to reach the mission of the province we have to give a special place for the youth power. But, upto new no policies, plans were prepared regarding the youth. Because of that Uva province is in backward in the development process. Therefore, we have paid more attention on youth. By introducing new income sauces to the youth in the province and promoting their skills and releasing needed inputs are the responsibilities of the ministry.

  • Background of the Ministry of Social Welfare

The ministry of social welfare is identify as a ministry in Uva which is functioning Social with humanly.Ministry of social welfare does a very great job when occurred to face distress in the province. The staff of this ministry is always ready to help the people without considering any communal, religious and racial different in such circumstances. The ministry of social welfare has taken steps proudly to help the people on the occasions of distress and also there is no second word for helping people in future too. Likewise, the ministry of social welfare has given considerable contribution to take care the future of the disables in the society. The ministry is conducting various vocational trainings for such people enable to earn money for their lives and make them as working people. The course of carpentry, repairing radio and television are conducted by the ministry. Not only that, but giving security and safeguard for elders who enter into the homes also carried out by the ministry.

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