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Major Functional Area

Unit  of Power & Energy 

  • Supplying electricity to the families which have no electricity.
  • Minimizing damages for environment by reducing the utilization of firewood  and kerosene oil as fuel.
  • Contributing through providing energetic facilities for the educational, cultural, economical and social development of the country by reducing the usage of kerosene oil as fuel.
  • Minimizing deaths due to the usage of kerosene oil.
  • Introducing alternative energy to the public.
  • Contributing to provide the needed of electricity in the province as possible.
  • Contributing to promote the economical condition of the villagers by 5% in 2010 who get electricity,
  • Promoting the standard of living of the people who live with low income and without electricity.
  • Bringing down the daily expenditure of the people who live with low income.
  • Increasing the interest of the people in the province, on generating alternative energy by giving publicity for new  energy production
  • Bringing new  techniques    into the village by supplying electricity. 

Unit of Estate Infrastructure

  • Providing contribution of the Uva province to promote sanitary facilities , social, economical and nutritious conditions of the poor people by developing the essential  infrastructure in the plantation area.
  • Promoting the participative Development as a beginning of the area development by enforcing the organizations established at  the estate level to minimize poverty.
  • Providing necessary facilities to build up a healthy generation to the province by utilizing free time and hobby.
  • Marking the youth in plantation sector as partners  in national development by introducing new ways for income.
  • Concentrating on self-employment field through developing abilities and skills of the youth.
  • Distributing money and  utensil to minimize residential and electrical problems which effected directly on the development of the families with less income.
  • Development estate roads enable to join the market in the area and villages.
  • storming up    mini water schemes for preservation of hygienic and sanitary conditions in  plantation areas.
  • Providing multipurpose buildings, repairing and furniture to accomplish needed facilities for the rural level organizations of estate people.
  • Making arrangements to utilize knowledge, abilities and skills of the youth for the development of the area.
  • Concentrating on self employments for the economical and social development of the women live in the plantation sector.
  • Giving monetary aid and other needed things and monetary aid to have electricity for the people who live without house or live in temporary houses with less income. 

Unit of Sport

  • Providing facilities for the sportsmen in Uva to take them from provincial level to the national and international level.
  • Providing the needed facilities to make healthy people for Uva by utilizing their free time and hobby fruitfully.
  • Making arrangement to train the new and talented sportsmen by adjoining  them in to the training schemes.
  • Implementing training programmes by gathering good sportsmen in Uva to promote their talents in sports through is training schemes.
  • Giving membership more sportsmen of the estates and villages in sports clubs by facilitating the clubs these are functioning at the divisional secretariat level.
  • Distributing sports materials for the sports clubs those are in function.
  • Enforcing the sports  clubs those are in function at the district level.
  •  Giving proper evaluation for sports men by holding colour awarding functions.
  • Taking steps to train the trainers nationally and internationally regarding modern techniques.
  • Assisting financially the sportsmen who have financial problem, organizing Sports Minister Trophy’ competitions, providing helping services and making opportunities for more sportsmen to take part. 

Unit of  Youth Affairs

  • Giving assistance to the youth those who have abilities and skills in Art, to take them upto the national level
  • Gathering the youth as an organization and make them partners of the national development.
  • Valuing and encouraging the youth of Uva those who have talent and abilities.
  • Assisting to protect the specialized and determined production of Uva.
  •  Making arrangement to get together the youth into an organization in the district and to apply their abilities knowledge and skills for the development of the district. 

Unit of  Social Welfare

  • Giving opportunities to build up the economic situation of the disables according to their abilities.
  • Providing shelter and protection for the elders in poor families.
  • Promoting satisfactory of the elders.
  • Identifying the needs of elders home and providing them.
  • Helping the elders to get rid of the machinery life, making opportunities to be happy with others and concentrating the outsiders on them.
  • Helping with interference on the occasions of distress in the province.
  • Indentifying the area and people should be covered by the scheme with a census in all over the province.
  • Helping to get done their work through promoting knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • Paying attention on disables and elders those who neglected by other units.


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